about us


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A dedication to quality materials

KOKORO weaves with unique and artisanal materials that embody craftsmanship and attention to detail.  We hand select all our yarns, and ensure that our suppliers practice environmental sustainability and promote fair labour practices. 

Innovation in textile arts

We collaborate with local and international artists and designers to revive the art of textile and surface design.  We value and support skills in dyeing, printmaking, weaving, spinning and knitting and are always on the look out for new possibilities in the world of textiles.

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KOKORO designs are centered around the nostalgia of childhood.  Our patterns are created by hand and then transformed into patterns and then carefully constructed into weaves.   Everything is designed in-house and we love the process of creating from sketch to finished textile.

The maker's movement

We are makers at KOKORO and love to see our creations come to life in textiles and products.  We are grateful to have a company in which we have the ability to design, weave and finish all of our creations in the Netherlands.