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HALF CONVERSION: http://www.liinalapsi.fi/shop/wompat/product/2701-quot-cosmos-the-elephant-quot-hwc.html

BLACK CORDUROY CONVERSION: http://www.liinalapsi.fi/shop/wompat/product/2700-kokoro-quot-cosmos-the-elephant-quot.html

Ergonomic Wompat soft structured carrier, half wrap conversion - collaboration with WOMPAT!! The front side of carrier is made from beautiful KOKORO woven wrap - "Cosmos the Elephant", woven with a special downy organic cotton blend and KOKORO's' signature tsumugi silk that gives a lovely texture for the fabric. The carrier is lined with strong light beige colored cotton twill.

"KOKORO weaves with unique and artisanal materials that embody craftsmanship and attention to detail. We hand select all our yarns, and ensure that our suppliers practice environmental sustainability and promote fair labour practices. We strive to create a fresh and modern spin on the baby wrap and hand pick all the elements that go into our product. Yarns, colors and blends are all combined to create unique wrapping qualities that we find the most desirable in babywearing. A KOKORO wrap believes not only in creating a beautiful piece of textile, but also one that is superior in comfort and wearability across a variety of dimensions. KOKORO woven wraps are designed, weaved and finished in the Netherlands. Cosmos the Elephant is a special collaboration piece by KOKORO and Yuliya Gwilym, a children's book illustrator."

"Cosmos is on a journey. The journey is long and no one knows when its going to end. He likes the journey, every day brings something new and curious. He likes looking at the sky, watching how nights become days and days become nights. But some days feel a bit lonely for Cosmos. Are we the only elephants? he asks his mum. I think there are other elephants too, she says, if you look at the stars in the night sky you might spot one."

Please notice: Each KOKORO Wompat will be custom made and the delivery time is about 2-3 weeks.The looks of each KOKORO Wompat can be a little different from the example picture. The pattern is variable and each carrier has an individual looks. Each carrier is carefully designed and made to look as lovely as possible. If you want the pink side of wrap on your carrier, please contact us by email:niina@liinalapsi.fi

Read theInstructions for useand learn how to carry safely. Wompat carrier comes with an illustrated instruction manual.

Wompat baby carrier is suitable for parents of different sizes. The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted with the special Perfect Fit buckles. At the front carry you can get the baby very close to your body. The panel supports baby’s back and the sides optimally. At the back carry you can get the child high on your back. The child sees better around him and the carrying feels light as a feather!

Size recommendations for Wompat carrier:

  • Baby size goes for 0-18 months

  • Medium size goes for 1-3 years

  • Toddler size goes for 2-4 years

  • Pre-school size goes for 3-5 years

The measurements:

  • Height of panel baby size 38 cm - medium size 41 cm - toddler size 45 cm - pre-school size 50 cm and width 41cm

  • Padded part of shoulder strap: 35-45cm

  • Minimum length of shoulder strap 44cm and maximum length 120 cm

  • Minimum length of waist 70cm and maximum length 120cm


Panel fabric: KOKORO woven wrap, organic cotton & tsumuki silk

Back side of panel: 100 % cotton (öko-tex100)

Washing instructions:

Spot-clean any small stains. Wash the whole carrier only when needed. Gentle hand wash at cold water (30 Celsius). Use only a small amount of liquid washing detergent suitable for silk. No fabric softeners. Hang dry. Shape the carrier while still moist. The panel and the hood can be ironed with low heat. Do NOT iron any of the padded parts! The panel can shrink 1-2 cm with the first wash.

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